Welcome to Riverhead School!





We have a school app which is available to download to your mobile device.  If you have a QR reader on your phone, you can download as below or via the app store or google play, search for our school and ‘voila’ you can install.  Please note, for Windows phones you will need to ‘add to your favourites’ and some specific models of Android phones are a bit hit and miss with the QR reader, so if you’re having problems, just access through google play.  This is a fantastic way for us to get urgent messages to you, e.g. sports cancellations and you will always be up to date with our school’s latest information!!



We have a ‘Kindo online school shop’ running where you can pay for all your child’s school needs online – at a time that suits you. For those already with an Ezlunch account (Pita Pit) then you guys don't need to do anything but pay the same way as Pita Pit.  For those registering for the first time - you can click on this link to take you to the website  See more details under the Information/How to Make Payments tab on our website.



We are proudly supported consistently by Harcourts Kumeu and the Riverhead Rampage team.  A big thank you must also go out to Kumeu Rotary for their sponsorship towards our new playground equipment.  These three organisations do a fantastic job supporting us, so please support them back.


Bank Account Details

If you would like to pay for any trips/ fees etc online, the bank account number is:

12 3109 0012631 00

(Please ensure you include your name and what it is for)