Bump@r is the icon used to represent the Riverhead School Learner, to support our school being a Fun, Fair, Safe place to be and learn.

Bump@r has many functions in our school, in supporting our Riverhead Learning Pathway, our Key Competencies, our Values, our Affirmation System, and Behaviour Management Programme.  It is the central element of our amazing culture, the feel of the school and how we function.

Bump@r was first developed in 2008. Teachers and students worked co-operatively over a year, developing the concept to make Riverhead School an even ‘better place’.  Bump@r became directly linked to our vision, “Think’ Do’ Discover, in providing students a way to; “Empower them, to think about their learning, themselves and others and do all they can to discover their potential.” 

Bump@r was revised in 2013, to include a toolbox of ‘Skills’ (Key Competencies), and engine of ‘Values’ and a road of ‘Learning Highway’ (Curriculum).  Bump@r is also ‘Tuned into Learning’ with the antenna.  You will hear the Learning Languages used often in the classroom around the Skills being used.  Bump@r has two main values focuses; supporting children to be ‘Resilient and exhibit Excellence and these underpin the other values.

Bump@r has School Expectations.  There are three areas of expectations under the title of Think Do, Discover.  These expectations are school wide and form the everyday behaviours for our “Bump@r Kids”.  Your will often hear students stating “that’s not a very Bump@r Kid thing to do”.  These expectations are the central part of how we all work and relate together. 

Bump@r has an affirmation programme for children who make good choices.  These include, Rewards afternoons, Bump@r Kid certificates, Honours Badge system, School Captain Structure, Kids Voice crew, and School Councilors.  These are all celebrated during Celebration and Bump@r Assemblies.

Bump@r also has consequences, which are utilised if children chose to make poor choices and not follow Bump@r’s Expectations.  We don’t like to dwell on these, so you can find these under 'Consequences'.