New Entrants Entry Cohort - If your child is not turning 5, please scroll down to Online Enrolment.

Riverhead School Board of Trustees have ratified to accept the Ministry of Educations Cohort dates for new entrant children starting school once they turn five years old. This does mean that students do not automatically start school on their 5th birthday. They start together as a group on the dates below.  

Please note: due to our Government Allocated Teacher Only Day Cohort 2 will start on Wednesday 26 April.

What this means for parents;

For parents whose children turn 5 after the START OF TERM DATE they are required to start at Riverhead School at the MID TERM DATE.

i.e. turning five on the 5th February would be required to start school on the 8th March.

There will still be three preschool visits that children will attend prior to their entry date.  These dates will be set for the year and parents need to make contact with the schools to book in these visits.

This will benefit the children considerably, as we will have two new entrant groups starting each term enabling consistency in our initial teaching and learning programmes, form friendships readily and enable our teachers to provide a clear induction system.

Online Enrolment 

Step 1

Enrolment for Riverhead School can now be done online, once your child has turned 4.

Riverhead School is not currently accepting out of zone enrolments. Please do not enrol your child if they do not reside in the school zone. Click here to see our school zone.

Step 2

After you have checked that you are living in zone. Please follow the steps below:

Once logged in, click on pre-enrol new pupil. Once you have pre-enroled your child, click on edit to complete the form. As you go through each section, please remember to click SAVE

Also, please complete each section as fully as possible. If information is missing, we will not be able to process your enrolment.

To fill in the form please ensure you fill all fields and then click 'SAVE'. Then upload the documents required and ensure you hit 'UPLOAD DOCUMENT' once you have selected the correct document.

Documentation is a critical part of the enrolment process and enrolment will not be processed without the following;

1. NZ Birth Certificate or Passport if NZ citizen

2. Passport AND student visa or residency visa if not NZ citizen

3. Proof of address in school zone – Tenancy Agreement, Rates, Power, Phone bills etc.

4. Immunisation records

5. Ensure all documents relating to digital citizenship at Riverhead School are sighted and signed during the enrolment process. A copy of the digital citizenship policy can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions, please contact us by emailing admin@riverhead.school.nz or by phone 412 9105 

Step 3

Enrolment Policy

You can view our Policies and Procedures on our School Docs website HERE