Kapia Iti

Kapia iti

Alice Hope

Team Leader

Sarah Adshead

Steph Meldau

Fritha Taylor

In our Kapia iti team we have the youngest learners at school, who have just started their learning journey. The Kapia Iti team work across 3 or 4 single cell spaces, dependant on which time of year it is. There are 2-4 teachers in the space – again, this changes depending on the time of year.

Our learners have a mixture of learning priorities and play based learning experiences, which cater for a wide range of needs. They have a lot of fun which makes your children’s start to school a highly positive experience.

The activities in Kapia iti are purposeful and hands on. We focus on the beginning stages of literacy and numeracy. All learning priorities are linked to the main curriculum areas. The programme contains an abundance of creative experiences which cater to all learners. Our students love engaging in different workshops each week when older students or parents come in and teach them something new and different.

We ensure that students and parents alike have a positive and inclusive first experience to the school environment. Their mission is to create children that want to become life-long learners.

Kapia nui

Amanda Render

Shanley Hunt

Michelle Sclanders

Our Kapia Nui team are currently working and learning in our school hall which has been converted into a modern learning environment.

Across reading, writing and mathematics we run workshops to suit the needs of our tamariki, alongside our weekly learning priorities.

Learning priorities allow our children to practice skills they have been learning in workshops independently.

We also use the Walker Learning Approach, which allows our children to engage in their own varied interests through play.