School Payments

School Payments

Payments can be made three ways. Our preferred option is by the Kindo online shop .

Click on the link above and then follow the prompts to set up your account. Please note there are instructional videos on Kindo to help guide you in setting up your account and settting up your child's homeroom.

Our accounting system and Kindo are linked so you will be able to keep track of what you need to pay and how much you have paid.

Payments can also be made via Internet banking (Riverhead School 12-3109-0012631-00) or by EFTPOS at the school office.

School Donations

As you are aware the funding that the Ministry of Education provides us is inadequate to run Riverhead School and does not meet the expectations of teachers, students and parents alike. Nor does it meet the requirements of a school, which strives to continually keep up with the latest initiatives, and provide appropriate resources and the best of technology. Accordingly, we ask that parents make a donation to bridge this gap and contribute to the learning of their children. The PATs (formerly PTA) and staff work tirelessly to raise funds with the support of the community, International Students, and outside grant opportunities. But it is just not enough. We want to continue to offer the best in resources, consumables, technology, furnishings, play ground equipment, sports gear, readers, library books, and more, but we need your help. The Board of Trustees, made the decision that we need to make changes to the school donations amount, and align the current costs with local schools.

The donations set for 2018 are as follows:

1 child - $220

2 children - $440

3 children - $590

4 children - $740

When put into terms, this equates to $1.00 a day, $5.00 a week that you are contributing to your child’s education. We understand that money at this time of the year can be difficult, so you are able to pay your donation in installments.