150 year Sesquicentennial
5 & 6 November 2022

Dates have been confirmed - 5 & 6 November 2022

Riverhead School is looking forward to celebrating 150 years of service to our community in 2022.

As the oldest school in Nor-West Auckland, we are very excited to invite all past learners, teachers, staff, Board members and wider community to join us in celebrating this milestone achievement with us.

Below you will find all the details for the confirmed celebration events as well as being able to purchase merchandise and register your Expression of Attendance for the events we have planned in 2022.

Please note due to Covid regulations all 3 events which are being held for these celebrations will be Fully Vaccinated events. This will enable us to continue to run the events at different levels. You will be required to show your vaccination status for entry to all 3 events. Thank you for your understanding.

Sunday 6 November 2022

We have an amazing site called mykindo which we use for our current families at Riverhead School.

The mykindo site gives us the ability to load all tickets and merchandise and enables the customer to just click and pay.

Those who already have a mykindo login can use your current logins - you will however need to add a yourself as a person in the my details section and choose the Riverhead Community page rather than Riverhead School just for that person - this will allow you to switch between making purchases for Riverhead School and also making purchases for the 150 year event.

Those who do not already have a mykindo login can easily click Create an Account and choose Riverhead Community page as your preferred organisation in your details section.

In case you get stuck this may also help - Adding a new name to your account.

Click here to set your mykindo account up now - if you need any help with the set up please feel free to email Mel at 150years@riverhead.school.nz and I can walk you through the set up.

If you have any problems once you have set up the account please contact mykindo directly through their website. Much appreciated.

This is the only way to make purchases for merchandise and tickets so lets set you all up and you will be ready to go.

To share your stories and photos, email 150years@riverhead.school.nz or check out our facebook page - link above

Please note:
We will postpone our scheduled event if we are not within the correct Covid Alert Level.
If the event is postponed and you are no longer able to attend - your tickets will be refunded.