Eduation Outside the Classroom (EOTC)

Every two years we have our “EOTC Year” (Education Outside the Classroom). 

This means that all children from Yr 0 (NE) – Yr 8 have the opportunity to participate in an expeditition (overnight stay of 1-4 nights depending on their year). 

School expeditions are an amazing part of school life and we build your child/ren’s resilience and ability to participate in activities they may not usually get the chance to, all while having fun with their friends.

Curriculum-based EOTC

Throughout the year our learners have the opportunity to go on trips outside of school with their peers. In the lead up to each event you will be thoroughly informed by our admin staff and your child/ren's homeroom teacher with all the relevant information. 

Blanket EOTC form

Below is a blanket EOTC form which we ask all families to fill in at the beginning of each year.  This form covers local (walkable) activities such as walking to the forest or the skate park. You will be informed of any event that happens outside of school, this covers the permission aspect of it.