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School Lunches

We have 2 types of lunch available for order each week.

Pita Pit

Available for order Wednesday and Friday. This must be ordered through Ezy Lunch www.ezylunch.co.nz , just follow the prompts. This is done externally, therefore the school has no responsibility and orders can still be placed for the first and last weeks of the term.


Available on a Wednesday and a Friday. Orders must be placed by Tuesday and Thursday morning respectively. Children will bring home an order form, or they can pick one up from the office. Sushi is not available the first and last weeks of each term.

Sausage Sizzle/Hot Dog Fundraiser

On Week 5 and Week 10 the PaTs team holds a sausage sizzle or hot dog fundraiser on the Friday which coincides with our Rewards/Mufti day. This is available to order on Kindo in the weeks leading up to the sausage sizzle/hot dog day. All orders must be received by the day before.

School Hours

8:25am - Bell - Start of school

10:10am - Beginning of Morning Tea

10:40am - End of Morning Tea

12:10pm - Beginning of Lunch

1pm - End of Lunch

2:30pm - End of School

Please note we cannot assume responsibility for children who arrive on school grounds before 8am and are not enrolled in the SKIDS Before School Programme.