Our Bump@r

Bump@r is the icon used to represent the Riverhead School Learner, to support our school being a Fun, Fair, Safe Place to Be and Learn. This system enables our learners to become positive, productive, respectful members of our community who show empathy and are mindful of their own safety and others.

Bump@r is directly linked to our vision, ‘Think, Do, Discover’, in providing students a way to; “Empower them, to think about their learning, themselves and others and do all they can to discover their potential.”  

Bump@r has two key elements. Bump@r behaviour and Bump@r as a Learner.  The behaviour element includes promoting a sense of excellence, celebration of success, developing self discipline and creating upstanding citizens of our community. This includes our Bump@r Kid expectations, Affirmation programme, Values teaching, Honours badge system, and Leadership promotion. It is the central element of our amazing culture, the feel of the school and how we work. 

Bump@r as a Learner is how we work around here.

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