Please see forms below for Riverhead School Policies and Procedures on Administering Medication

Students are not to keep medication of any kind in their school bags. All medication must be handed in to the office in the morning to be locked in the sick bay. This includes asthma inhalers. All medication being left at school, must be accompanied by a fully completed consent form (you can find these below). Please be aware it is not the responsibility of the office staff to remind your child to come and have their medication at the right time.

If your child is allergic to bee or wasp stings or has any other allergies, please notify us and we will arrange a medication plan for your child. This will include us being aware of the any treatments and medication needed. It is recommended medication is kept at school for emergencies and will be stored securely in the medical cupboard.

Please also inform the office and homeroom teacher of any information relating to health that should be known i.e. diabetes, epilepsy, asthma etc. Privacy is respected at all times. 

Medication Policy

You can find these on our School Docs website HERE (scroll to bottom) and type in Medication.

Request to Administer Medication Form

Medication Delivery Recording Form

Medicine Parent Form.docx
Medication Delivery Recording Form.pdf

Please note if you are unable to open either of the above documents, please look to the address bar and click "allow pop ups".