Digital Citizenship

Riverhead School believes in a Digital Citizenship model for supporting safe and responsible use of the internet in a teaching and learning context. A vital part of fostering this culture is the support that is provided to students in their learning by the "guides" around them. One of the most important parts of this guidance is the modelling of good digital citizenship skills that young people observe in their day to day interactions. 

Riverhead School defines a successful digital citizen as an individual who:

In line with this belief, we ask all staff, learners and volunteers to commit to using the internet and associated technologies in a safe and responsible manner by accepting a Responsible Use Agreement.

Access to the ICT services provided by the school may be withdrawn if a responsible use agreement is not signed.

We are partnered with Linewize who help us keep safe online. Click the green button beside for access to our online parent hub. 

Digital Policies and Procedures

You can view our Policies and Procedures on our School Docs website HERE

BYOD Agreement for Parents and Learners (Years 5-8 only)

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Guidelines for Responsible Use

The school provides access to the internet and associated technologies because it believes in the benefits that they bring to the teaching and learning process. It is expected that they will be used to benefit staff and students, but it is also understood that they may be used to engage in personal activities. All activity must be appropriate to the school environment. This applies to school owned ICT devices used inside or outside of school and personally owned ICT devices used inside school and during school activities.
In all use of ICT devices, it is important to relate to others positively, to avoid engaging in harrassing or harmful communications, to respect other peoples' freedom of speech and uphold their right to privacy. 
The principles of confidentially and privacy extend to accessing, inadvertently viewing or disclosing information about staff, or students and their families, stored on the school network. Everyone at Riverhead School must comply with New Zealand copyright law as laid out in the Copyright Act 1994. Some parts of the law such as the Infringing File Sharing Amendment 2011 make the school accountable for copyright infringements recorded as taking place using the school internet connection. The school may pass on any costs associated with copyright infringement to those responsible.