All orders can be done online through OfficeMax -

Everything can be done in one go, paying by either credit card or internet banking. You do not need a student ID number to order your stationery. Stationery will not be sold through the school office at the beginning of the year.

Please note that when ordering your child’s stationery you will need to find the stationery list for your child’s year level.

For example if your child is in Ngahere and is a Year 3, you will need to search for the list saying “Ngahere, Year 3”.

If your child is in Year 1, you will need to search for “Kapia nui, Year 1” or “Kapia iti, downstairs”

If your child is in Pitoitoi or Rangitopuni you will need to search for “Pitoitoi” or “Rangitopuni”.

Kapia iti

Kapia nui




Mrs Crawford - Downstairs

Mrs Lockwood - Downstairs

Mrs Hope - Downstairs

Mrs Anderson - Library (Upstairs)

Mrs Taylor - Library (Upstairs)

Mrs Render

Mrs Hunt

Mrs Sclanders

Ms Robertson

Mr Gasparini

Miss Masson

Mrs Hill

Miss Richardson

Miss Barry

Miss Bex

Mrs Timmermans

Mr Baker

Ms Harland