Honours Badge System

Riverhead School runs an honours system in which the children are given certificates, they then keep the certificates and store them safely until they can exchange them for a Bronze, Silver or Gold badge. See below for which certificates are needed for each badge.

There is a recording sheet at the bottom of this page that must be filled in when your child hands in their certificates.

Bronze Award

  • 2 x Classroom Achievement Certificates

  • 2 x Representation Certificates

  • 1 x Responsibility Certificate

  • 1 x Citizenship Merit Certificate

  • 1 x Above and Beyond Certificate

Total = 7 certificates

Silver Award

  • 3 x Classroom Achievement Certificates

  • 3 x Representation Certificates

  • 2 x Responsibility Certificates

  • 2 x Citizenship Merit Certificates

  • 2 x Above and Beyond Certificates

Total = 12 certificates

Gold Award

  • 4 x Classroom Achievement Certificates

  • 4 x Representation Certificates

  • 3 x Responsibility Certificates

  • 3 x Citizenship Merit Certificates

  • 3 x Above and Beyond Certificates

Total = 17 certificates

Once a certificate has been used towards a bronze, silver or gold badge, it will be stamped on the back, and can no longer be used for any other badge.

Categories of Certificates

Classroom Achievement Award

Each classroom teacher is able to give out two certificates to children from their homeroom/area for being the best Bump@r Kid they can be in the classroom.

Representation Award

Any child who represents Riverhead School, in a sporting, cultural or community event with pride, skill, outstanding effort and to the best of their ability. An Above and Beyond is Awarded for 10 Representation Awards. The Representation Awards may still be used towards the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

Responsibility Award

Any staff member who has a responsibility and is in charge of students with school wide responsibility, can present this award to the students effectively and consistently carrying out a responsibility for a specific length of time, showing a conscientious attitude and maintaining a quality of leadership. eg library, road patrol, office, councillor, house captains, buses, etc An Above and Beyond is Awarded for 10 Responsibility Awards. The Responsibilities Awards may still be used towards the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

Citizenship Award

Any child who has an awesome attitude, shows respect and manners, caring for others, caring for the environment, etc. A random act of kindness, beyond a Bump@r Award or consistently ‘doing the right thing’.

A Citizen Award is given for 5 Bump@r Certificates by the Principal. An Above and Beyond is Awarded for 7 Citizenship Awards. The Citizen Awards may still be used towards the Bronze/Silver and Gold Awards.

Above and Beyond Award

Children are selected by the Senior Management, for an observed and sustained high level of citizenship, showing initiative around the school by organising school activities, events or coaching which are sustained over a length of time, public addresses, or representing the school at the highest level possible. All of which are representative of a possible above and beyond the call of duty.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards

When all the certificates are achieved the Honours Recording list and the certificates are handed in to the Principal, by the child. The application will be taken to Staff Meeting and staff make the decision as to when the child receives their award. Used certificates will be signed by the Principal and cannot be used again for the Silver or Gold award. The certificates may be carried over the years to obtain an Honours Award. Once they have achieved a Bronze they then strive for Silver and Gold. Unused certificates can be used for the next level of badge. At each level, students will receive a badge.

Honours Recording Sheet

Honours System Certificate Criteria

Honours Recording.pdf
Honours System Certificate Criteria.pdf

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