School Donation Information

By paying the school donation, you are enabling the school to provide additional learning resources, ICT equipment and consumables to support the education of your child.

This year the information from our communication survey strongly requested one payment to cover all school costs for trips, events, transport and shows, rather than numerous payment requests throughout the year. We thank you for your feedback.

In 2022 the school donation of $250 per child, will cover all costs and our families will no longer be required to make additional payments for trips, resources or events throughout each term. This donation amount will also cover an Education Outside the Classroom activity week, held within our community, for every child this year.

We trust this is a more convenient solution for you.

There will also be an opportunity for families to opt-in to extra-curricular experiences and excursions out of the community, which are not covered by the school donations. ie Kelly Tarltons sleepover, Kawau Island, Ski Trip etc

Payments can be made when purchasing your school stationery through Office Max, or through Kindo or you can arrange a payment plan by talking to Ruth in the office.

School Donations Policy

You can view our Policies and Procedures on our School Docs website HERE