Rangitopuni (Year 7 & 8)

Gill Robertson
Team Leader

Tjitske Timmermans

Rangitopuni Friday Flickouts

Rangitopuni is the intermediate (Yr 7/8) area of Riverhead School. 

Rangitopuni 2024 is made up of 2 homerooms, one with Gill Robertson, and one with Tjitske Timmermans. We have 2 learning assistants and also have Richard Steveni with us on a Thursday doing Technology and Strand Specialisation. 

We run a full teaching and learning programme based around the core subjects of Reading, Writing and Maths across the week. These are done in groups with a particular Literacy or Maths teacher and the children move around the space to go to these areas of learning. 

On Thursday and Friday, we run a separate programme that has the children immersed in Strand Maths, Inquiry/Technology, languages, Art and PE, including Sports Academy and Sports Development opportunities. These extra opportunities are generally done in Maths or Literacy groups to ensure we are continuing to cover the basics. 

We offer the Year 8 learners the opportunity to participate in the William Pike challenge. Children get the opportunity to attend Sports Camp, Ski Trip Expedition (Yr 7) and for Graduation week in Dunedin (Yr 8). Alongside all of these learning and EOTC opportunities, our learners apply for and act as Leaders and Ambassadors across the school.