Terry Robinson

Susannah Marshall

Kate Harland

Kate Mitchell

Rangitopuni is the intermediate area of Riverhead School.

We are focused on creating an inclusive, culturally responsive environment where our learners are able to strive for excellence.

The learners in Rangitopuni have the opportunity to be involved in our extensive leadership program where our learners work closely with the staff in their roles as school captains. We believe that leadership can be shown in many forms and we strongly encourage our learners to explore their own leadership style and to apply this to being a proud Bump@r student.

The Rangitopuni team are also provided with a host of opportunities ranging from representing the school at sports to competing in the Norwest Speech competition to being a part of our Epro8 team.

Rangitopuni is a bring your own device environment where the devices are used to enhance the learning that takes place and enable our learners to be future focused creators and innovators.