Bump@r Expectations

Bump@r Expectations

Bump@r is the icon used to represent the Riverhead School Learner, to support our school being a Fun, Fair, Safe Place to Be and Learn. Bump@r is the way we are and the way we work at Riverhead School. Our expectations enable our learners to understand what is expected of them. This system enables our learners to become positive, productive, respectful members of our community who show empathy and are mindful of their own safety and others.

Bump@R and our vision are linked. There are three main expectations that go alongside Bump@R Behaviour, ‘Think, Do, Discover’, in providing students a way to; “Empower them, to think about their learning, themselves and others and do all they can to discover their potential.” These expectations are school wide and form the everyday behaviours for our “Bump@r Kids”. Riverhead School has ten expectations underpinned by Think, Do and Discover which enables our learners to be successful and safe on a daily basis.

You will often hear students stating "you're being a Bump@r kid". These expectations are the central part of how we all work and relate together.

Bump@r has an affirmation programme for children who make positive choices. These include, rewards afternoons, Bump@r Kid certificates, Honours Badge system, School Captain structure, Kids Voice crew, and School Councillors. These are all celebrated during Celebration and Bump@r Assemblies.

If learners choose not to follow the expectations we follow a whole school Bump@r consequences programme.

An explanation how Rewards, Mufti and Choices works is shown below as well our Bump@r Kid Expectations.

RewardsandMufti - an explanation.pdf

Each term at the Honours assembly we acknowledge a "Bump@r Kid of the Term" from the Junior school and one from the Senior school. They are rewarded for their exemplary Bump@r behaviour over the term and are presented with a prize donated by Barfoot and Thompson.

Bump@r Consequences

Bullying prevention policy

You can view our Policies and Procedures on our School Docs website HERE

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